> Policing is not about forcing the people to obey the powerful or about protecting the pride or political position of those in power.

Not sure about your premise here...

@LeoSammallahti My point had more to do with that all your points of comparison have changed radically in the past few thousand years, which make the comparisons pretty difficult.

@LeoSammallahti Nation states are a pretty recent invention, so that leaves out most of history.

Salaliittoteoreetikot, 5G 

@nikoheikkila Veikkaan, että näitä tehtailee joku innokas yrittäjä, joka vaan käännättää mainokset eri kielille. Ei siis välttämättä ole kovin paljoa juurtunut vielä tänne.

@jabsonik Harmillista. Ehkä löytyy joku, jonka koneella se pyörisi.

@jabsonik Täältä löytyy tarkemmat tiedot: store.steampowered.com/app/255

Kyseessä on Steam-koodi, joten pitää pelata Steamin kautta.

Haluaako joku Cities: Skylinesin? Minulla olisi yksi ylimääräinen kopio.

Hi fedizens, the fediverse.party crew now have an offical #fediverse account for the project!

Thanks to @feneas (Federated Networks Association), who host not only this account, but they are also our new hosts for the website itself. Our repo, issues, and wiki now hosted on their instance of GitLab. If you can afford it, please consider supporting Feneas as a financial member.

When you think about it most hp lovecraft stories are about cracking open an old one with the boys

Ylioppilaslehdessä on hyvä juttu Elokapinan toiminnasta ja siitä, miltä ympäristöaktivismi näyttää pandemian keskellä.


Kaikki Norjan metsiin eksyneet metallibändit luulee, että hurjaan karjuntaan vaaditaan maskeja ja niittejä. 

RT @gretathunberg
Germany is opening a new coal power plant this summer. It’s run by Finnish state-owned Fortum.
Swedish state-owned Vattenfall is already operating new coal plants in Germany.
Everyone involved claims to be “climate leaders” but this is the opposite of leadership.
This is failure. https://twitter.com/fridayforfuture/status/1262314065843695617

So many blogs seem to hide their feed URL now. It's usually there, hiding in one of the usual places, waiting to be discovered like a precious beetle under a mossy old rock.

We have started to ship the first batches of /e/-Fairphone.
It seems there quite some demand for this unique product!
We are renewing the stock continuously.

#degoogled #android #privacy #opensource #sustainabledevelopment


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